Becca Van K,  Tony,  2018

Becca Van K, Tony, 2018


Afterimage November 9 - December 2, 2018 opening reception 11/9, 7-10pm // closing reception 12/2, 5-8pm

October 24th, 2018 For immediate release:

Afterimage is the seventh exhibition at PARADICE PALASE and the final of the 2018 season. The exhibition visualizes translations of our reality through utilization of fabric and textiles. Considering the title word “afterimage”, these works reverberate with optical vibrancy, reflect on fleeting moments and  memories retained across digital and physical landscapes, and leave an imprint on the history and, perhaps, one’s preconceived understanding of quilting and handcrafting. Reconsidering the hierarchy and economics of textiles; forming personal relationships with the fabrics we wear; archiving the effects of glitches on coded electronic programs; marking time and experience - artists Emily Oliveira, Paolo Arao, Flora Wilds, Phillip Stearns, and Becca Van K render sensory-tactile 2D and 3D objects that contribute to the depth of fiber arts in a contemporary art landscape.

Emily Oliveira's large wall tapestry combines traditional ideas of quilting with contemporary means of production. Here we see a loosely structured cotton piece marked abstractly with acrylic paint, quickening the pace of textile pattern production.  Many of the themes in her work surround her queer identity and the history and importance of honoring queer culture.

The three works from Paolo Arao are vibrant renderings in found and purchased fabric. The two parallelograms in particular continue a series of "paintings" that relate to pairs or partners. The live in the same color world but upon closer inspection reveal subtle but distinct differences in pattern, with the stitched fabric onto stretched canvas producing a warped, wiggled line innately contradictory to traditional quilting and loomed textiles.

Flora Wilds uses pre-owned and found fabrics & fashion accessories to make soft sculptures that relate to the body. She explores how clothing acts as a vessel for retaining memory and experience, relating to her own femininity. Wilds’ "But I'm Young" sculpture lounges around the gallery in parts and uses recognizably Y2K colors and patterns to speak on the lasting impressions of her and others' opinions on her legitimacy as an artist and an adult female.

Phillip Stearns believes "that the immaterial world of the digital has a vital materiality, one that has the power to touch and move us." His densely colorful woven tapestry is from a series titled Vestigial Data, where he translated hidden crash recovery files on his computer into digital jacquard weavings. These files are revealed as brightly complex structures and patterns and are a tangible rendering of interactions between incompatible operating systems and drive formats. This series furthers Stearns' exploration of looms and weaving as “the first binary code" and the physical representation of digital transmission.

Becca Van K produces loud, colorful, and tactile mixed media work using a plethora of handcraft techniques including needlepoint, machine/hand sewing, crochet, and macramé. Works from two series are shown here; the first are high-sensory wall sculptures responding subconsciously to House and Techno music, and titled with human names like a child would name a stuffed animal. The second are postcard-sized needlepoint works that translate memories and photos from a cross-country road trip into colorfully patterned compositions.

Afterimage is on view November 9th - December 2nd, 2018. Our opening reception is Friday November 9th from 7-10 pm, and a closing reception Sunday December 2nd from 5-8 pm. The gallery will be closed Thanksgiving weekend, November 24th and 25th. PARADICE PALASE is located at 1263 Bushwick Ave, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11207. Any further questions or inquiries can be addressed to Lauren at