Wise Blood

September 22 - 24, 2017


For immediate release:

PARADICE PALASE is pleased to showcase the work of seven women for the group show Wise Blood, as part of Bushwick Open Studios.

Titled after a piece from artist LaThoriel Badenhausen,“wise blood” is a colloquial term that speaks to the spiritual power of womanhood. To be wise is to retain, to have earned such knowledge. These women have cultivated oeuvres which span decades of passion, pursuit, struggle, and success.

An almost obsessive practice binds these works - through constant creating, each explores their evolving womanhood. Bernice Sokol Kramer’s collaged nude figures are effortlessly shaped from memory, observation, and found images. The organic curvature of Nancy Baker’s sculptures beautifully contrast the meticulous pairing of harsh lines. The patient hand produces a detail like no other in Tricia's paintings, mimicking the patterns of those before her. Repurposing, reshaping, and redefining the means and material are ever-present here. From quick snapshots to shredded junk mail to mass-produced feminine napkins, grundgy stairwells to one’s own studio - the source gets morphed into a second life on the canvas (or otherwise).

Featuring works by LaThoriel Badenhausen, Nancy Baker, Avy Claire, Jaynie Crimmins, Catherine Kirkpatrick, Bernice Sokol Kramer, and Tricia Townes Wise Blood showcases women who have nurtured their craft, adapted through decades and still wholly their own.

On view September 22nd-24th, 2017


Installation Images