In celebration of Women's History Month, PARADICE PALASE is excited to announce "Badass Biz: Women and GNC Leaders in Arts and Culture", a 2-day program celebrating those leaders in our NYC communities. 

March 24th, 3-5pm at New Women Space: A panel talk to discuss how leaders began in their fields, ups and downs of their industries, and how each company will help in the shifting paradigm within arts and culture.

March 25th, 3-6pm at PARADICE PALASE: A biz-fair-meets-round-robin event with presentations from founders on how they got started and how they serve their communities. Visitors are encouraged to stay for the final "cocktail hour" to meet and mingle with leaders and peers.

as a special addition, UME will be offering FREE 10 MINUTE biz strategy sessions on Day 2 from 5 - 6 pm during the cocktail/mingling hour. Pitch your idea in 1 minute. Get feedback on how to grow your business or idea. Move forward together. 


meet the leaders

anya sapozhnikova.jpg

Anya Sapozhnikova

Anya is a performer, the co-founder and director of House of Yes, an events space, bar and nightclub where community, art, and positive energy collide. Known for it's late night parties, aerial performances, and sex-positive events, House of Yes began as an arts collective and grew into a staple of the Brooklyn eclectic nightlife community.

Local Roots NYC Roxbury Farm 08.jpg

Wen-Jay Ying

Wen-Jay is the founder and CEO of Local Roots NYC which inspires a new home cooking culture through local food and community. Their 23 subscription-based produce markets offer local and sustainable products, including a zero-waste program.

Eileen Isagon Skyers

Eileen is the Creative Director of HOUSING, a place for art in Bed-Stuy guided by a desire to stimulate public discourse through the work of artists & creative practitioners. Part of their motivation is to support artistic practices & aesthetic experiences that contour the limits of visibility, & advance the conditional inclusion of artists of color.


Martina Mrongovius

Martina is an artist, curator, and Creative Director of The Holocenter. Based in NYC with campuses on Governors Island and in LIC, The Holocenter provides resources, classes, and residencies for those engaged with the holographic arts. Their objectives of production, exhibition, research and education continues to evolve and inspire. 

charlie-rubin.portrait of MacKenzie Peck.jpg

MacKenzie Peck

MacKenzie is the founder and CEO of Math Mag, a print-only porn magazine based in Brooklyn and sold all over the world. This quarterly publication is dedicated to embracing sexuality as an essential part of the human existence. Your sex life is magical, beautiful, and worthy of exploration and attention!

photo credit: Charlie Rubin


Sarah Rayne

Sarah Rayne is a sound healer, reiki practitioner and co-founder of Root Mamma, a brooklyn-based women's healing arts collective. Root Mamma's intention is to honor and bring to light the value of feminine wisdom, energetic nourishment, and soulful natural healing. Root Mamma is a safer space and non-exclusionary.



Nyssa Frank

Nyssa is the founder of The Living Gallery, an art space dedicated to offering emerging artists and creators a platform for their dreams to manifest. A place where passion meets action, they strive to create an environment based on collaboration, not competition.


Francesca Chaney

Francesca is a twenty-one year old entrepreneur, vocalist, creative, full spectrum doula and student at Brooklyn College. In 2015, she founded Sol Sips - "the Official Alternative Beverage Company of Brooklyn". The vegan cafe takes pride in creating locally-sourced organic plant-based drinks that contain four ingredients or less. The space also features work from local artists and hold events such as gluten-free Midnight Brunch on Friday nights.


Jee Chang

Jee is the founder of UMEa women-centered design agency working to elevate the female perspective and power equality. UME provides branding and business strategy for women-led and woman-focused brands, accountability workshops for early stage entrepreneurs, and creative leadership programs for young women in developing countries. UME exists to design deeper connections that grow business and build meaningful communities to inspire transformation on a greater scale.


thanks to our sponsors and partners