Welcome to our first exhibition Kickstarter + Pledge Tier updates!

And we're a go!!

Our inaugural show, Paradise Express, is proposed for June 2017!

PLEASE check out our Kickstarter and pledge today to see our show produced and own a small work of art! tinyurl.com/kickstartershow1

Featuring works from Annique DelphineMargaret MurphyNetta LauferJoani Tremblay, and our very own Kat Ryals, this show features paintings, photos and mixed media sculptures influenced by the surrounding flora and all it's tropical/exotic ways.

Tell ya friends, tell ya coworkers, tell ya grandma, share share share!! Support a gallery model dedicated to getting artists paid and funding arts longevity!

Kickstarter update: We've added a few new tiers and updated our higher level tiers. If you're looking for a way to collect affordable art, please check out our Girl Power Collectable Print Pack or our new Souvenirs from Paradise Art Pack! The print pack comes with three EXCLUSIVE 6"x8" prints from our artists, including Joani Tremblay and Margaret Murphy, and our new art pack will have you thinking you just returned home from paradise with a tshirt by Annique Delphine, a hair woven deer horn keychain by Kat Ryals, and a postcard pack from Netta Laufer. Our higher tiers now includes the Paradice Palase Oasis Starter Pack, our first catalog of exhibitions, and....art! Duh. 

Project update: We are working on our portable wall! Our incredibly talented carpenter is working on the design and will deliver in the next few weeks. We will post update pics when it is installed (this wall will separate Kat's studio portion of the space from the actual gallery space. We are also brainstorming PROGRAMMING ideas for the opening hours of the exhibition in June, which might include artist talks, workshops, and art making sessions. Stay tuned for more on those programs!