Meet Colin Radcliffe


"Depicting the afterlife and spiritual entities isn’t fully possible I feel, though I certainly try. It’s like trying to describe what you see in your neighbor's yard by looking only through a tiny hole in the fence. You garner some understanding but you can’t totally comprehend the whole yard. I know the afterlife is there, but I don’t so much have all the answers. I’ve loved and lost so many dear friends, relatives, and strangers. Creating work that dips into the afterlife is a great comfort, and an ode that I want to share with others.

It is inevitable that I will die. Even you, too, will die. Though death is easy, dying is hard. What comes after is easier, escapes logical comprehension, is more colorful, vibrant, and unusual. The afterlife is asomatous, outlasting the physical. It is filled with spiritual beings — angels, demons, our loved ones departed, and all manner of spirits. In life spirits guide the eye, constantly giving us information, hints, clues into our lives and what lies for us after. If you allow yourself to be sufficiently receptive, then the premonitions, omens, dreams, visions, signs, and symbols reveal their inherent significance.

Everything has spiritual significance, whether it relates to events within your life or contains information beyond life, that is determined by the individual. I constantly count things wherever I go, recording anything that seems significant and correlating it with an event later on. The number, color, time, place, and object itself is important to me and finds its way into my work. It is the way I live and the way I create." - Colin J. Radcliffe 

Radcliffe has just curated his first show "Passion Fruit" at the Temporary Storage Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The exhibition is open now until May 4th at the Brooklyn Fireproof building. 

Follow his work on Instagram @colinmemaybe or on her website

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