Call for Art with Politits Art Coalition


*The deadline to apply is January 15th - you can learn more and apply HERE*

Our friend and Purchase College Alum Rebecca Lomuto shared this exhibition with us, we encourage you all to apply!

The show, Place Setting, is inspired by the idea of the dinner table, a place where artists are welcome to join in conversation, to share, reflect and organize during a time of unrest. This show is for those who are feeling unheard, fed-up, full of rage and are looking for support from their fellow creatives.

Place Setting is focused on supporting artists who have historically been underrepresented in the arts. This year, we will accept work from up to 40 artists, focusing on submissions from female-identifying (and gender non-conforming), POC, and LGBTQ artists that encourage place, space, and togetherness in trying times. We are searching for diversity in process, material, and vision; free from censorship.

This exhibition is a way of welcoming folks to our table; opening up places to those who have been traditionally passed over within the art community. We offer you a place, set for those who have art, vision and most importantly tenderness to share. 
Two awards will be offered in this exhibition! Award Juror TBA.
No size restrictions. Open to national and international artists.

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2019
Submit online:

Artwork Received: February 15-22, 2019
Exhibition Dates: March 1, 2019 - March 23, 2019
Opening Reception: March 1, 2019
Submission fee: $15 for 1-3 images. Please send $15 via PayPal to at the time of submission.

BOS 2018 is here!

Sal Muñoz,  La Joteria (Pan Dulce) , 2016

Sal Muñoz, La Joteria (Pan Dulce), 2016


We are excited to participate in Bushwick Open Studios for the second year, and also as an Info Hub! So you can come to us for the official #BOS2018 map, and use the loo ;)

Our exhibition yo tengo, sostengo, mantengo (i have, hold, keep) is currently on view, and we will be celebrating with an opening reception tomorrow 9/29 from 3-6 pm. AND in case you didn’t hear, we’re having a community potluck too! You can sign up to bring a dish or simply come and indulge in tasty dishes from our artists and neighbors.

We ask a $5 suggested donation for a plate - all proceeds will support BRN GRL SPK. No one will be turned away, but we do ask that if you can give, please do! Support local artists and collectives! Support voices of color! Support women!

PARADICE PALASE will be open all BOS weekend Friday - Sunday 12-6pm.

1263 Bushwick Ave, Ground Floor, BK, 11207. We’re a block from the Halsey J and across the street from the B26 bus stop at Halsey/Bushwick.

See you this weekend!

xx Kat & Lauren

Meet Alisa Sikelianos-Carter

returnvsc (1).jpg

"I want to live in a world in which every micro-aggression, attack on humanity, and doubt of divinity aimed at Black Women is destroyed by aggressively Femme, future-sent deities. These Goddesses are completely enveloped and adorned by magnificent cornrows, dreadlocks and twists. The hairstyles act as armor and weapon, protecting and repelling wearers from white supremacy and misogyny. These are the beings I create. My wildest dreams realized; a marriage between the spectral beings we (as Black people) can and will transform into as a result of the culture we currently live in with the majesty, magic and tradition of our ancestors.

These Future Ancestors are my response to, and escape from the many ways
Black bodies are policed and demonized; white america’s historical repulsion to Black
hair and the more contemporary fetishization and appropriation of Black hairstyles
within popular culture. They are the gatekeepers of my rage and sadness, projections of
power and freedom, cast onto an otherworldly reality." - Alisa Sikelianos-Carter

Follow Alisa's work on her Instagram @alisasikelianoscarter or on her website

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Collect one of Alisa's hand glittered prints here.

Meet Colin Radcliffe


"Depicting the afterlife and spiritual entities isn’t fully possible I feel, though I certainly try. It’s like trying to describe what you see in your neighbor's yard by looking only through a tiny hole in the fence. You garner some understanding but you can’t totally comprehend the whole yard. I know the afterlife is there, but I don’t so much have all the answers. I’ve loved and lost so many dear friends, relatives, and strangers. Creating work that dips into the afterlife is a great comfort, and an ode that I want to share with others.

It is inevitable that I will die. Even you, too, will die. Though death is easy, dying is hard. What comes after is easier, escapes logical comprehension, is more colorful, vibrant, and unusual. The afterlife is asomatous, outlasting the physical. It is filled with spiritual beings — angels, demons, our loved ones departed, and all manner of spirits. In life spirits guide the eye, constantly giving us information, hints, clues into our lives and what lies for us after. If you allow yourself to be sufficiently receptive, then the premonitions, omens, dreams, visions, signs, and symbols reveal their inherent significance.

Everything has spiritual significance, whether it relates to events within your life or contains information beyond life, that is determined by the individual. I constantly count things wherever I go, recording anything that seems significant and correlating it with an event later on. The number, color, time, place, and object itself is important to me and finds its way into my work. It is the way I live and the way I create." - Colin J. Radcliffe 

Radcliffe has just curated his first show "Passion Fruit" at the Temporary Storage Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The exhibition is open now until May 4th at the Brooklyn Fireproof building. 

Follow his work on Instagram @colinmemaybe or on her website

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Collect the last artwork available by Colin here.

Paradice Palase Show #5 - Dimensions of Alterity *Update #2*

We've got 5 days left on our exhibition campaign and we are almost to our goal! Check out these artist items of the week that you can collect through our campaign.

We also invite you to the opening of "Dimensions of Alterity" this Friday April 13th, 7-10pm at Paradice Palase 1263 Bushwick Ave. It's gone be spooky so feel free to dress freaky and we'll be giving out an ArtFreak tee to the best grotesque themed get up! 

Meet Alex Patrick Dyck


Alex Patrick Dyck is a poet and splosh artist. She is a romantic hoarder of sentimental trash and trampled roses, an altar builder, and a memory gatherer. She explores her own vulnerability in her attempts to preserve the inherent fragility of natural objects as they encounter resin, metal, and bodily fluids. The incorporation of obscured and disjointed text is used as a way to both establish intimacy with the viewer as well as to remind us that understanding and language are not identic. The works are constantly decaying and changing in texture and color, a grotesque reminder of our own mortality.

Dyck has curated 12 immersive shows over the last six years with her art gang Noodle Beaches for Meeting Witches. She has shown in NYC, California, Maine, India and Tokyo. She lives in New York.

Check out Alex's handmade goods and apparel on her Etsy page 
Follow her work on Instagram @yokosnoopy or on her website



Collect Special Edition artwork by Alex here.