Why Should Artists Get Paid?

image credit:  Rudy Loewe

image credit: Rudy Loewe


We stumbled on an article from 2016 on Huffington Post and feel it’s still relevant today to discuss the importance of valuing our artists and creatives! Artists work hard and put a lot of time, energy (and their own money) into all of the projects they take on, and unfortunately the standard is often still to not pay them at all or underpay them for their efforts.

One of our main missions with PARADICE PALASE is to raise awareness about and visibility for artists and convert it into crowdfunded stipends for each and every artist we work with. We hope this can be a model to grow and shift the way the art world and the public interacts with art spaces and supports artists.

Check out the full HuffPost article below - it’s a good one!