Bushwick Open Studios Potluck

Sal Muñoz,  La Joteria (Pan Dulce) , 2014, Archival inkjet print 27 1⁄2 x 19 3⁄4 inches

Sal Muñoz, La Joteria (Pan Dulce), 2014, Archival inkjet print 27 1⁄2 x 19 3⁄4 inches


Join us during Bushwick Open Studios weekend on our opening reception day for a community potluck! In consideration of the themes in our exhibition (healing, ritual, transformation, intimacy, spirituality, tradition, ancestry), a potluck seemed like a great option for our opening weekend. Eating a meal is not only a daily ritual we all relate to, but it can also be a means of healing, comfort, & transformation, it is an intimate meeting of familiar faces and strangers alike, and a chance to share your personal stories through recipes.

We will be celebrating the opening of our exhibition "i have, hold, keep” all day from 12pm-6pm, with a potluck by donation from 3pm-6pm. All proceeds through donations will be supporting BRN GRL SPK, an NYC-based creative arts collective that hosts events where women and femmes of color can express themselves while raising money for important causes in our community.

Please feel free to bring some snacks, beverages, desserts, dishes, etc at this time! We’ll have 2-3 large tables set up for the potluck in either the front patio or the back patio space (or both). Beverages will be available all day by donation, but feel free to bring your own at any point.

You are not required to bring a dish, but it is encouraged - everyone can enjoy the food together!

To help us plan ahead, we ask that you please sign up below to let us know what you plan to bring. Looking forward to sharing a meal, art and conversation with you!

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