Mark Sabb, "Idolatry", CGI, 2016

Mark Sabb, "Idolatry", CGI, 2016



Digital Show Launch : August 15th, 2017

Available 24/7 through September 15th


Pop Up Iteration : August 24th, 4-9PM

PARADICE PALASE is pleased to present their second show in a series of 6 as part of a year-long experiment..

How far does decomposition go before you can no longer recognize something? How far can something be warped and still we can identify? Consider a body farm, a place of widdling away, and also a place of discovery in that destruction. Each artist in the show is exploring a part of their culture or heritage through these acts.

Whether utilizing the internet as the palette or virtual reality as the chisel, this group of artists embraces the digital within their practice. Pushing the boundaries of the medium, these artists are farming their own bodies and histories; the works displayed are the cultivation of that exploration.

James Brehm transforms his own body - its likeness, posture, movements, etc - as the source of his structural and tableau-like works. Valery Estabrook And Yaloo explore deeper personal themes of heritage, agriculture and the distortion of cultural stereotypes. Frank Wang and Jonathan Sims address philosophical ideals of ancient texts and contemporary western culture through virtual worlds and projected glyphs. Mark Sabb’s self-proclaimed “digital activism” lends itself to an eternal network who challenge the current social and political landscapes.

PARADICE PALASE gives a physical home to these digital works, embracing the medium as the catalyst for a secondary truth. Whether mined from across the internet or grown from invented language, Body Farm attempts to solve the question of identity within these distorted works.

Body Farm includes works by Yaloo, James Brehm, Valery Jung Estabrook, Casey Kauffmann, Mark Sabb, Jonathan Sims, and Yefeng "Frank" Wang.