Hello loyal members!

Kat and I would like to make the formal announcement that in the next couple of weeks, we will be dissolving this private member blog and moving announcements and content over to our public-facing site blog.

We realize the opportunity for your submissions, artist news, et al to have more visibility and interaction on the public blog and want to give each member the best option for sharing their stories and work! We will continue to share special additional content with our members and first-looks at events, programs, and content vie email, so make sure to check your inboxes regularly!

Take a browse on our site blog for new content, and stay tuned - we will be opening up the blog for article/post submissions. If you have a show you’d like to review, or a roundup of shows you want to share, or an interview with an artist, bookmark them and look out for our blog submission form launch :)

xx Kat & Lauren

First Look at our Studio Visit Vlog Series!

Hi Members!

As promised, we are ready to launch our studio visit video series on the blog. While we have decided to make the vlog series a free, public series, we want to give our members a first look, with further extended clips to come!

Our first artists is Frank Wang, a multi-media interdisciplinary artist and professor based in Pennsylvania. Watch below a 5 minute clip discussing isolated parts of his most recent short film Rotation Method


Early Access: Main Blog Article Submissions

Hi Members!

PARADICE PALASE is moving more online and with that means more blogging, hooray! We’ve decided to open up our main site blog to accept submissions from artists, writers, and creatives. Currently we are accepting:

-exhibition reviews

-artist profiles

-artist interviews

-creative writing

-show roundups

-anything contemporary art related

As loyal members, we wanted to invite you all first to brainstorm and submit drafts of blog post proposals to be included! Even after our invite goes public, priority will be given to members, so don’t fret! If you can’t think of something now, you can always send something later.

Go to the blog submission page HERE to send you writing!

Looking forward to reading all your articles.

xx Kat & Lauren

August Opportunities/Listings added to the site

Hi members!

Hope your summers are going swimmingly and you're keeping busy with art making!

As we slowly start to come into the fall, don't forget that it's high season for residency and open call applications!

We've added our monthly opportunities and artist listings to the site (in case you didn't see the email).

New members, don't forget to check your welcome email for the monthly password to login.


Spring Artist Curated Cinema Talks

Watch below the full artist talks from our spring 2018 ACC artists Rebecca Sutton and Georgi Georgiev.

And don't forget, our next ACC is SUNDAY AUGUST 19th at the new location , The Platform Cafe, from 5-8 pm, featuring artist Frank Wang + a screening of Bad Taste by Peter Jackson. Free entry for Perks Pack level members!


April 2018, Rebecca Sutton

June 2018, Georgi Georgiev

Badass Biz Weekend Panel Talk Podcast


If you missed it in March, we hosted a weekend long series of programs called Badass Biz in honor of Women's Month, focusing on women in our local community who are in business, who are leaders or who are community organizers. We wanted to highlight their successes, share their stories, and empower other women identifying folk and GNC individuals to go out and get it done too! 

We had a wonderful program at New Women Space (Check them out if you haven't already!), featuring Wen-Jay Ying of Local Roots, Eileen Isagon-Skyers of HOUSING, Jee Chang of UME Design, and Anya Sapozhnikova of House of Yes, where panelists discussed the ups and downs of starting or running a business in arts and culture, how they got started, the hardships they've faced, and their successes while also providing tips and resources to help others get their start. 

Check out the podcast below!


Please do not share this link! It is a members only exclusive content item.

Artist Talks from past ACCs

Hey members!

Some of you have joined for sessions of our Artist Curated Cinema, others may have not. One of the new perks of being a member is that we record all the artist talks for you to watch later!

Watch below segments from the first three ACC with artists Nick Demopoulos, Estefania Velez, and Charles Sommer. 

And don't forget, our next ACC is THIS SUNDAY June 3rd at the new location , The Platform Cafe, from 5-8 pm. Free entry for you guys so come and hang! 


January 2018, Nick Demopoulos


February 2018, Estefania Velez


March 2018, Charles Sommer